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The Pete On Software Podcast

Jan 5, 2014

In this episode, I expound on the second question that I ask during in-person interviews, "How do you stay current?".  I talk about what I do to stay current and the things that I think that all developers should be doing.

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Jeffrey Hartman
five and a half years ago

I really identified with your comments about new topics not making sense when you first start learning about them. I was in your ASP.NET class at MTC last year, which I enjoyed thoroughly, and you threw quite a bit of information at us over the semester. While I was able to keep up for the most part, I didn't really understand much of what we were doing. I haven't used ASP.NET at all since that class until I recently started getting back into it with the help of PluralSight, and I've found things are making alot more sense this time around. Things that I didn't understand before are suddenly 'clicking' now that I've had more experience.

Great episode Pete, keep em coming!