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The Pete On Software Podcast

Jan 19, 2015

Andy Adams wrote a blog post about how to price yourself as an independent software developer. It was so good that I made it a pick of the week. Andy started to see traffic from my site and we struck up a conversation. Right away, I knew that I needed to have him on the show. We talk about how he became an independent, how he sets his rates, how to find customers, some of the perils of creating your own products, and whether you even want to be an independent developer in the first place. It is a fantastic interview, check it out.

Links Mentioned in this Show:

Andy's Company

You Can Charge More, by Andy Adams (the post that started it all)

Andy's Twitter (genius Twitter handle! ;-) )

Ask HN: How to get started with paying side projects?

Podcast Episode 30, where I featured Andy as a pick

Podcast Episode 17, my episode on Going Independent

Gail Goodman - The Long Slow SaaS Ramp of Death

Listen To This Episode:

almost four years ago

This might be your best podcast yet. Andy's humble and frank input on being an independent software developer was as interesting as it was informative.