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The Pete On Software Podcast

Mar 12, 2016

In this episode, I come back from my almost seven month hiatus to wonder about what this podcast should be and if I am putting out the kind of content that my audience and the audience at large is looking to hear. I talk about my original plans for the show, what I see in the podcasting space as a whole, and where I could go in the future. In the end, though, I am looking for feedback.

Leave a comment or tweet me @PeteOnSoftware and let me know. Should I:

  • Keep it up
  • Change it up (become more narrowly focused... if so, on what)
  • Give it up

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almost three years ago

Thanks, Anshul. You are definitely one of my loyal listeners and I appreciate the feedback. I also appreciate you always re-tweeting my announcements to help promote me!

Anshul Chauhan
almost three years ago

Hi, I like your podcasts. I am in college. And it helps me to learn about the industry and what people are using and what for. My fav was ep 32, though I haven't heard all. I'd like to listen to about dealing with people/soft skills.

almost three years ago


Thank you very much for your comment. I appreciate your response. Telling me what you don't want is just as helpful as telling me what you do want! Thanks again!

almost three years ago

Keep it up!!
I always liked your podcast and the format, but it's quite a while so i cannot say what exactly I liked :). If you decide to specialize, please do NOT specialize on web or apple stuff.

Was great to hear from you again.
Thanks, and again: Keep it up!