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The Pete On Software Podcast

Aug 4, 2014

Episode 20 brings us another interview podcast and this time I'm talking with Russell Patterson. Russell is the author of Simple Lookups, a .Net library for dynamically handling CRUD operations for your "type" classes. Along the way, we talk about Simple Lookups, what it was like to make a NuGet package, decisions...

Jul 22, 2014

This week, in Episode 19, I talk about Imposter Syndrome: what it is, what it means, and how to deal with it. If you've ever felt like you aren't qualified to do your job or that at any minute that people could find out that you have been fooling them, then this episode is for you.

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Jul 7, 2014

This week, in Episode 18, I recap the recent 2014 edition of the Google I/O conference. I run down all of the changes that are announced in "L", as well as the changes to Chromecast and Chromebook. In addition, I cover the new products announced during IO: Google TV, Google Auto, and Google Wear.

I do contrast some of...

Jun 23, 2014

In Episode 17, I talk about what it takes to go independent as a software developer. After taking a moment to give all of the provisos that I'm not an expert offering legal or financial advice, I spend this episode talking about what my journey has been like. How did I come up with a name? How did I find work? What...

Jun 16, 2014

In Episode 16, I take a (belated) look at the 2014 WWDC Keynote. I cover the new changes to OS X being released in Yosemite and the new iOS 8 features. I also talk about the new Developer features, including the surprise of the show - the brand new Swift language.

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The Swift Programming...